The instructions for using walkie talkie


The walkie talkie has been the device used for transmiting the signal 2 directions, which helps people to connect with each other without the mobile phone netwwrk. The way to use of walkie talkie has been easy, but not all every body can know how to use it properly. There are 2 basic kinds of device, including the kind with keyboard and the other one without keyboard. Today, in this post, we will only mention on the steps of using most basically and commonly of all kinds of walkie talkie. The steps of using basic have been known as switch on and off the device, choose the channel, adjust the volume, contact, speaking and hearing and how to charge. How to use the walkie talkie has usually depended on each type of brand and model of particular device. You should consult the walkie talkie reviews before you want to buy and use that device efficiently.

1.     Switch on and off the device:

Basically, when you want to use any device, you have to know how to turn the power on. The power button has usually been the rotating buttton on the head of the device, which has also been the button of adjusting the Volume (sound) up and down of the walkie talkie ( the position 3- on the right). Turn on and off the kenwood walkie talkie.

It is easy to understnad that the very first step to use is to turn on the power. That basic button has named and pointed as the twisting button on the top of the device and it also the one the operate the level of sound up or down. To the walkie talkie with the keyboard equiped with the power button combined with other buttons on the same one. The position 3-on the left hand) The button of adjusting volume is the numeber 4 button.

To some kinds of talkie walkie has the keyboard on the front body of devie, the switching n or off button can be combined with a button on the keyboard of deviec ( the positon 4 on the right). Some other notice when turning on and off the source of device: The charging battery has been installed into the device and placed properly as the principle.  The charging battery has been fully charged in accordance with the demand of using.

  1. Adjusting the channel to contact:
    Secondly, to contact with each other, we have to adjust the device back on the same channel, the steps of adjusting channels has been conducted by rotating the button (twist)  to change the channel on the top of the device, next to the power buttoon + Volume ( the ppssition 2 – on the right hand). To some kinds of hand-taking device,with the keyboard on  the front body of device, the step of adjusting the channel has been implemented by pressing 2 buttons (˄ ˅ or ↑ ↓) lying on the front of body. The walkie talkie has been set up the frequncy for using suitably (the channels has been equiped the frequncey). You have to choose the right channel to contact as the group assigned.
  1. The steps of contacting by the walkie talkie:

All kinds of hand-taken machine have been equiped with the button PTT (Push to talk), whwich has been a large button on the left of the device. When you want to talk to other devices, the users have to press and keep that button PTT before, while and during the conversation. After the calling, you can release that button to listen to  the corresponce information from the other devices.

4. Some notice for using the talkie walkie device

You are not allowes to contact by this device without anten. Besides, you also have to to limit the calling or conversation when charging or in low battery. All factors above can lead to the status of breaking down or reducing the quality of device

  1. Charging the battery of walkie talkie:

You have to charge fully to the new device or new battery. Should you use the old battery until it will have been out of energy.


Outdoor sport with the best road bikes

Outdoor sport activity make you stay healthy and keep fit. Many interesting activities are always ready for you like jogging, trekking, hiking and especially biking. You can surf though the street road with a flat board which is so cool and styled sport. Beside that, biking is also supper awesome, if you have enduring health, you can go any where with a sport bike. Please do not wait, let choose the best road bikes under 1000 for your self and your family

Road bikes is more popular day by day, you can ride it to go around the park or conquer the high mountain. The road bikes listed below is for you to achieve nice trips

  • The best sub road bike :

-The technical detail of product:

+Weight : 11 kg

+Fork : made from carbon, rubber wheels [Read more…]


Hunting is quite popular in the world and indeed those who have hunted for several times, they are addicted to this kind of sport. From the past to modern centuries, hunting has changed so lot, for example from simple hunting tools to High Power Air Rifle or from simple traps to modern method to catch the prey. In this article, we will provide you information about hunting and things related to hunting.

  1. Definition

Hunting is a kind of sport that uses trap and tools to capture or kill any animal or just chase animals. Human beings often hunt wild animals with a view to adding more food, nutrients in order to increase their recreation. In this way, illegal hunting is totally different from trapping or killing animals. Animals that are hunted are usually considered to be animals for hunting, including predators and birds.

Hunting can be also regarded as a way to control dangerous animals. However, hunting sometimes puts a lot of animals into extinction. Chasing and trapping in order to look for a target prey which is difficult to catch make “hunting” become slang and the word hunting is used in many cases such as hunting treasures, hunting guests and so forth. [Read more…]

Preparation for camping

To organize a campfire for the good results, besides preparing the tools for activities like  tents, wood for firing, good and cheap acoustic guitars for singing, food and drinks, we have to know to prepare the following stages:

Preparing the frame:

Notify the State or the captain of the camp in advance the subject of the campfire and the number of items that they can participate. If not obvious campers must rituals practiceor review for consistency and synchronization. Review the ring band, song, cycle initiated, community dance …

These instruments for disguising are always made use of from available leverage things like blankets, scarves … but do not emphasize props, sewing shop as a theater group. The repertoire for performance should be prepared in time in camp. If the theme of the bonfire is informed before, the items should revolve around themes chosen. [Read more…]


The time goes with the development of technology. When it comes to playing games, there appear so many kinds of games such as violent games, shooting, car racing or games for children. Games in the past have a lot of differences from modern games. In particular, in the past, people used to play out of fashion games with old game furniture while nowadays game players can even afford to buy a best gaming chair for the most comfortable feeling. There are also more changes in games through the long history of the world. In this article, we will show you those changes.

  1. Changes in types of games

If you had played some obsolete games, you could realize that old games are very simple with some “natural tools” such as stones, plastic dishes, tree branches or if you had played games on your mobile phones, those games were just very bland.

By contrast, games in modern times can only operate on smart phones as they require high – tech devices. The skills to play these games are also more difficult than those of the old games. [Read more…]

Crossbow Techniques for beginners

In many outside sport activities, crossbow is one of the most attractive ones, still dealing with a crossbow is not simply like playing tennis or gym. There are a lot of techniques which a player, particularly new player has to pay attention to, for instance the way to load the crossbow, the method to pull the string and so on.

A lot of people find it confused dealing with a crossbow even though they have seen it million times before. The problem is that special technique should be required for good crossbow according to crossbow reviews.

If in the past, people were addicted to crossbow as it was powerful tool for them to catch animals for food. Nowadays crossbow has become popular outdoor activity beloved by a wide range of people regardless of age, gender and status. However, men prefer crossbow rather than women. Some men will load a crossbow for hunting as the real crossbow is pretty accurate, powerful and fast. Other may like crossbow for their habit in competition or friend gathering. No matter what of your purpose can be, there are tips and techniques that you have to get used to so as to win the game. [Read more…]

Tips for buying a “standard” trolley

On the market, there are many types of baby stroller which have different prices from a few hundred thousand to a million, or even tens of millions. In fact, the general concern of any the parents is to find a good trolley such as the best double jogging stroller that has range of features meeting their needs through every baby’s stage and can be used long term. The following experience will help parents find the best one with a reasonable price.

A stroller with light weight, compact and easy to open

This is the first criterion that parents should consider when choosing a stroller. Imagine that how would is it inconvenient when you both hold your baby and open a bulky one. Especially, for mothers have a small body shape and prefer a compact, active, light trolley, this kind is undoubtedly the most appropriate choice. You can refer to the Japanese stroller line which is favored by light weight and easy to control by one hand. It is particularly useful when you and your child go jogging alone. Thus, a light weight trolley that can be controlled by one hand will be an ideal choice for any mother. [Read more…]

Softball playing rules

Nowadays, softball is no longer a strange sport to many people. It is getting popular in the world and becomes one of the most favorite sports globally. In this paper, we will share you the instruments of this interesting sport and some rules to playing it well.

  1. Instrument
  • Gloves

A softball glove is large leather glove that softball. Catcher own protective wear is allowed to catch. The other players catch the ball the gloves of teammates.

Softballs used in baseball. The ball following parts: rubber outside and leather upholstery. It has 9 to 9.25 inches in circumference and the diameter of 2.7 / 8 inch to 3 inches. The yarn or wire is used to wrap the ball.

  • Softball bats.

The best softball bats are made of wood or metal smooth the club used in the game to hit the ball after the ball is thrown by Pitcher.

  1. Rules of the game

The game takes place between the two teams, but during the game, it will take turns attacking and defending. One season takes place for months by many teams, called federations (leagues). Each team in the league against any other team under the league a fixed number of times, rather than rotating the match (round robin mechanism). Last season, the winner will be the championship most of the season.

The objective of the game is to score points, called tremor in the language of softball. The team with the most runs at the end many match wins. A tremor was recorded as a player, while attacking can go through every course (bases), forming a square shaped diamond. [Read more…]


If you are looking for a way to relax and have fun on the weekend, camping is definitely one of the most viable choices that you or anyone can think of nowadays. This is the best option in term of having fun on your own or with your family and friends. Furthermore, camping can provide the opportunity for you to find a change of face in the busy life you may have. The hustle and bustle of the city is going to be blocked out when you are spending your time in those best camping tents for relaxing with your loved ones.

However, to make the best out of this occasion, there are a lot of things you need to prepare and that are what we are going to help you with in the article today. If you have never gone camping before and do not know what to do, worry not. We are going to show you what you need to prepare basically to ensure the best quality time you are going to spend at your camp. On the other hand, if you have gone camping before, how about looking at our list of suggestions to see if there is anything you can do to improve your camping experience?

So what do you need to prepare before going camping?

  1. A camp

The first thing you need to prepare is of course a camp for you to stay in. There are a lot of different varieties of camps that you can find on the market nowadays. From simple tent like the old time where you can have a good night sleep in your traveling sleep bag to a modernized camp equipped with beds, you can find it easily on the shops nowadays. The price may be varied but the most important thing is that without them, you are going to have to sleep outside. And you would not want to do that thank to all the mosquitoes as well as all kinds of animals that are waiting for you in the forest. That is why depending on your budget, you should choose a camp that suit your need and bring them along in your camping backpack. [Read more…]

Reasons why you should learn to play an instrument somehow

It’s hard to imagine how would be our life without music. Although all of us like music, there are not many know how to play an instrument. However, it is never too late to take up a new hobby-learn to play an instrument. This article will introduce you reasons that you should learn to play an instrument. To be able to play an instrument, you may do not need an expensive one such as best reverb pedal, guitar, and so on, all you need is your passion. Let’s explore:


Playing the instrument can relieve intention

The recent researches on the benefits of music have assumed that playing a musical instrument often can help people reduce stress. They also have showed that playing a musical instrument help decrease heartbeats and blood pressure; thereby it could reduce stress, as well as make us feel free. Learning how to play an instrument certainly bring to us relax, especially help people closer together.


Playing a musical instrument makes us smarter

The research has emphasized that people who know how to play the instrument would do better than others. They have believed that using musical training would better than using computers in teaching. Music training significantly enhances the ability of reasoning for children as well as the necessary skills in learning math and science.

[Read more…]

What you should know before buying a bike cycle

Bike cycle is one of the daily transportation. Among motorbike, car or airplane, bike cycle is the friendliest one. Using bike cycle, we not only can protect our environment, but also enhance our health. Thus, it is not surprised that most of the family have a bike in home. Before paying to buy some things, we also search information about that first by surfing web or asking people who bought before and so on. If you want to buy a bike, you are right when finding this article. We will give some fundamental information about a bike. Besides, you can also refer to balance bike via balance bike reviews.


In general, there are 3 types of bike cycle: Road (for racing), BMX and Trails (requiring technical minded performer) and vehicle MTB (or known as mountain bikes). Among these types, MTB is the most favorite one. In fact, if you only use bike to move in the urban, Road bike is the most appropriate one, but when we encounter the bad terrain, we cannot use it. The MTB is maybe not flexible in the city, but it ready meet all conditions of road. Moreover, MTB looks quite energetic, eyes-catching, so MTB is selected by the majority of cycling amateur.


The most important of a bike is the chassis. Choosing a right one that fits your physique will help you get the most balanced formula to workout. To know yourself fit which size of chassis, you need to measure two parameters: the height of your body and the height from the foot to the groin. After having two parameters, you can select chassis for yourself accordingly the frame. [Read more…]

Things to pack for a family camping

If you have never gone for a camping, you are of fear that you may miss essential things when you already arrive in the camping place. In fact, it is normal for many people even for the ones who have much experience for camping before. There are numerous cases making us run out of the important things for the camping, for instance the sudden change of weather, misplacement of stuff at home rather than in the camping package. 

Hence, advice is to make the camping checklist which can help to pack all things needed. Actually, some major things such as camping tent, sleeping bag, flashlight and so are too crucial to forget at home, thus the problem with these things is how to choose the best ones for camping event. The best camping tents are paid a lot of attention as it will be the accommodation for the camping. That’s why people have invested a larger amount of money on purchasing the most comfortable camping tent including its ease to set-up and fold, lot of free space, hard and waterproof material, etc.

Having the camping list

It is useful to draw a camping list prior to the camping so you can have enough time to calculate which should and should not be brought. It also helps you to double check things right before the trip so nothing can be missing. The camping list should be made based on:

The type of your camping: if you are heading the mountainous area your camping list will totally different from the trip near the river in regards of cloth, devices and even food. You also have to look through your vehicle to the camping as it will determine the numbers of the things you can bring to your camping, for instance you are unable to carry a big stove for grilling if you go by bus or ground train. The type of camping also includes the conditions of the weather and the surrounding, for example, if you stay in the bush area then you have to bring the insect repellent which is inadequate for an urban picnic. [Read more…]


A Sport is a part of each life. It is played in different ways. People like different sports that are liked by them. They prefer playing sports to relax themselves or to get free from stress and worries.

Some people like o bike through mountain that they consider their hobby to relax themselves. This is the sports of riding bicycle through mountains. Usually this is done as a hobby or to feel relax. Riding is done on mountain bikes to help stay balance. Mountain biking is often done on rough terrain so that no danger can be caused to the rider.

This mountain driving can be done from back yard till gravel road. People can easily enjoy in fresh atmosphere but the greater part of mountain bikers ride off-road trails that includes either country back roads. It also includes fire roads, or narrow trails that wind from side to side forests, mountains, deserts, or fields. Mountain biking need special attention that no harm can occur to anyone. Beginner must take safety measures so that he can learn mountain biking at start before applying it.

Following are the major equipment one should have while driving through mountains. These include:

  • Gear that is protective
  • Bike
  • Other accessories.

Bike used for mountain are different as compared to ordinary bikes. They are some special bikes that are helpful for riding through mountains. You should prepare proper bike that provide no harm while travelling and riding through mountain. There are different bike that are helpful for the youngsters to use when they are starting it as a beginner. Best road bikes under 1000 are the best used for beginners that are cheap as well as effective for the beginners to use

Other accessories: [Read more…]