In ome recent year, trekking is becoming a new trend of entertainment and tourismthat young people are spread it to all around the world. Trekking is attract people by its characteristics of discovering and experiencing thrilling game, besides, you can learn a lot of things about living skills and practise them in real conditions. With young people in this time, treeking by motorcycle is the most popular trend which do not have any standard of mission, time, it is all about ‘taking your bag and go’. Nevertheless, before you decide to involve a trekking trip, there are many things you need to prepare to ensure the security during your trip, preparing the best motorcycle helmet, gloves, motorcycle (of course) and other identfication paper are essential when you take part in any trekking trip. This post is a list of equipment and accessories that you need through your trip. Let take a look together and make your trekking trip become unforgetable memories.

Motor: In general, motorbike or motorcycle is the number 1 choice of trekker because of its convenient and saving cost characteristics. Motorcycles scooters, on the other side is not be choosen because it just suitable to moving in city street, for the topography as mountain or dirt road, motorcycle is the best choice due to the safety and stability when moving in those road. In the market, Minsk in one of the best choice, with strong machine, big wheel, and high adhesion on the road. There are some points that you need to deeply checking before the trip, firstly, the machine oil. It is necessary to oiled for all the machine parts of the motor to ensure that vehicles are always smooth when running. Secondly is the tires, you need to make sure that all the tires are new or still work good for time, if not, you need to replace them for safety. Thirdly, the mirror, there are 2 mirrows on 2 sides, make sure you have both of them to not make the mistake when riding. Lastly, some others part of the motor such as batteries, headlights, hord, turning signals, etc. have to work in good condition.

Helmet and security accessories: Helmet is not only using for protect your head if you fail down, it also can help to prevent dust, wind when you are riding. For more efficiency, you should wear the helmet can cover whole of your head and have windshield. Moreover, you should wear the gloves, elbow and knee protector for more security.

Vehicle repair box and map: There is no guarantee that during your trip, your motor is not broken and service centres are nearby. So that you need to bring the vehicle repair box with to prevent any case can happen and you can handle every situation. Some tool that you need to consider are: pump, repair tool, rubber and petrol bottle.

Keys: Always have spare keys in order if you lossing the key. The spare key should be hold by the second person, who is not the rider, to make sure that you always can find the key.

Gasoline filled: Do not forget to refuel before fill the petro bottle, because when you go trekking in group, it is so rude when the whole team have to wait for you to fuel your motor. As the trekking rules, your motor need to be full fueled before going and the team will stop to refill every vehicles in the same time.

Personal indentification: It is essential when you moving around to prevent any unexpextation situation can happen, especially when it is related to law and policy. Some compusory indentification that you have to show out are: ID card, ID card, vehicle registration certificate, driving license, insurance cars / motorcycles, passport (in the case you going out of the country). You can use the photocopied version and keep your origin deep in you bag to avoid the case of thief or robbing

Preparing spare tires and spark plugs: For tires, you need to bring with 2 to 3 spare tires, and for spark plug it is from 1 -2 spare pieces, to can timely replace to your old one when running on the street and provide safety condition for your trip.

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