Golf is one of the elite sports in the world. It is a game of a précised club and ball where you have compete with other players known as golfers. In this game the golfers use a number of clubs depends upon the situation and hit the ball in a series of holes on the course using as few strokes as possible.

About 60 million people in the world play golf. It is one of the most widely speeded and played outdoor games in the world. But the GOLF we play today was actually emerged in Scotland. At the mid of 15th century, the Scots invented and played golf at its very basic form, take a club, swing it and take the ball to the finishing point with as few strokes possible.

King James II of Scotland banned golf as well as football in 1457 because these games were keeping the archers away from their practice. In 1471 King James III and in 1491 King James IV also restricted this sport.

Openly or secretly this continued to develop in this land for a long time. In 1744 the first known rules and regulations of Golf were published.

Simple Rule Of Golf:

Golf Course:

Every golf course is unique and different from each other. They all have one thing in common and that is each of them has 18 holes for the game.

The first shot is played from a teeing area which is known as a tee. The ball is placed over a plastic or wooden peg which is also known as tee.


Try is the most valued scoring move in the game of golf. In laymen’s term, the number of shots you have to take to complete the course and the penalties you may incur added and made up your score. For example, if you take 90 shots to go around the course whereas your friend takes 92, you are the winner.

Another basic term of scoring is PAR which is depends upon the length and difficulty of each holes. For instance a PAR- TWO HOLE will let you take two shots. So if you take 4 shots for a par three hole, you will be one over par for the hole.


There are many rules to be implied in golf. Except the tournaments, there are no referees. The player must be aware of the rules and regulation and show honesty while marking the shots they have played. It is also expected that they will play the ball as it lies after the last shot.

Except some situation, it is forbidden to move the ball. If you lose your ball or mistakenly hit it in the lake, you have to add strokes before you resume your game.

Golf Tournaments:

The worldwide golf tournaments are known as Major Golf Championship. There are four most prominent and glorious Golf Tournament held in the world. They are:

  1. a) Masters Tournament
  2. b) US Open
  3. c) The Open Championship
  4. d) PGA Championship

Golf is one of the most prestigious games in the world. It not only requires skills but also patience, modesty and honesty is also very important in this field.

Be sure to take note exactly where you pulled your club back from so you’ll know exactly where you put it.

It will take you quite some time to get used to this, but its okay. Soon enough, you won’t even have to think about where you pulled your club from and where you’ll put it back. You’ll know by instinct already where the club you need for a shot is. And, by that time, you’ll be a better golf player already as all your focus will be, not on finding your club, but on the shot at hand.

There are many golf techniques videos that can guide you how to play golf and what are the major steps taken while playing golf. Golf is played worldwide and is liked by almost everyone. Golf techniques are easy to understand. There are several golf lessons that guide every golfer to play professionally and swings accurately. Fundamentally sound golf is very much important for every golfer.


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