How To Choose Suitable Shoes For Your Feet

Every time you purchase a new pair of shoes that you were faced with the situation at the foot of a palm heel pain and cause scratches.  Although I bought a medium-sized legs but still having that condition. This makes me feel fear of new shoes.

We hope below will guide you choose best shoes, painful for your feet. Therefore, from that, you can choose the best shoes for painful feet. You can read and consult.

It took some time, the new section of the shoe on the expansion, just hug your foot size. And in that time period, you will surely suffer. These new shoes squeeze your feet into a “mold” unfamiliar, leaving the bones and ligaments suffer the pressure.

Whether the shoes just feet away, you should not take it in an additional 8 hours.

You can ask questions that you try at the store, you feel very comfortable we? That’s because you just slip on in a short time. Usually, you will have to wear a period of at least several hours, and not just 10 minutes as you go shopping. It took a while new shoes “bai” in legs and helped shape under pressure vacuum again.

So, whether it’s shoes just feet away, you should not take it in an additional 8 hours. Should only take 1-2 hours every day to try exploration. And the little note below will be helpful for you there:

You should bring a few pieces Urgo to be glued to the friction point, to avoid blisters, vacuum bottles.

If the point was the back heel shoe presses, soap pads you moisten the bread, then rub into the hearts of shoes – into the main contact point with the heel will be enabled. There may also be used in grinding candles.

The Comfortability Of Shoes

You get plenty of notice, dipped into the water, then stuffed into shoes comfortable, very much so stuffed it could not hold any longer added. To shoes in the shade, avoid sun drying or offline, until dry newspaper.

Or you can use white wine, or pure alcohol as possible. Get rubbing alcohol swab around the heart of the shoe, soft leather shoes go, alcohol will evaporate quickly and you can slip, brought socks, thick socks type, to go always.

Pure alcohol works especially relaxing skin complexion. If only one or two points, you get excited just rubbing alcohol on winning touchpoints inside shoes.

Can be used as substitutes for alcohol if enabled because water expands slightly skin. But not on the outside shoe rubbing alcohol, will cause discoloration, deformation that shoe designs.

With shoes made from leather not like vinilon fabric, leatherette … alcohol will not avail, then you use beer instead. The alcohol or beer on lap shoes should repeat within 4-5 days in a row, need to wear several times to warm and keep expanding frame.

Or you can use a broom comfortable shoes rubbing on a layer of palm oil, then soaked in a hot water turns into comfortable old shoes and put on right foot, brought socks, stockings, to hot to fit the foot. Palm oil also works to keep it durable leather shoes.

Soften Leather

A better way to limit the discomfort when the new shoes. That is how it to your leather shoes are softer. When skin is softer, you will feel comfortable to slip on shoes and move everywhere without fear of pain. You can use white wine or alcohol to ease to around the heart of the shoes, and when alcohol or alcohol evaporates, the shoes will soften your skin and you can use it immediately. If you feel that was not ok, repeat this action continuously for about 4-5 days to increase efficiency started softening shoes.

The bag frozen water will bloom around inside shoes, may be increased to size. How to measure the water: for shell plastic bags to shoes, sliding shoes both on the nose and then pour water into the bag, tied with a rubber band.

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