How To Use Your Golf Rangefinder Effectively

 You have heard how a golf rangefinder can help a player improve his performance effectively. So you have spent lots of time and effort in finding the best golf rangefinder you can. Now that you get it, you are more than eager to grab your golf bags and head out to the gold course. But wait! Don’t do that before you reading the following tips to help you use your device the right way

Read The Manual Instructions First

A golf rangefinder seems to be a simple device to operate but it takes time, knowledge and experience to use it to the best of its potential. The manual comes with a product for a reason: at least it provides the user with the most basic information. There can be useful tips for maintenance and troubleshooting. If you find no manual in the package, download it from the manufacturer’s website.

Watch Demonstration Videos

It is useful to watch videos which let you know exactly how you should use your golf rangefinder. You can find them at the manufacturer’s websites or find plenty of them on YouTube. You can find a lot of useful advice in these videos.  They are free and repeatable, so why not?

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Do some tests beforehand

Before you take your rangefinder to the golf field, make sure you are familiar with how it works first. Everyone can use a rangefinder to calculate the distance but knowing how to read it well is another issue.

Firstly, make sure you test the device to see if it can provide accurate readings If not, you need to return it right away; after all, there is no use in using an inaccurate golf range finder.

In case you know for sure you have a good device, try to use it to measure various distances at home first before taking it to practice rounds at the golf course. In such practice rounds, you can take your time in using the device without any pressure of an actual game. Never take the device to an actual game or tournament unless you understand its features and are totally sure about how to use it the right way.

Start Out Modestly

When you first test the device, do not dwell into complicated features right away. Start with the basic functions first or you will be confused and frustrated with all the readings. Select a short distance to read at first, and then gradually increase the range. Remember that a golf rangefinder can come with so many different features but you do not necessarily have to use them all. Find out which features you really need and try to master them.

Be patient

Mastering the use of a golf rangefinder takes time. Not everyone is used to reading the device at first but once they do, the device becomes an indispensable item. Do not be too frustrated if you do not see immediate improvements within the first few days.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho golf

Do Not Run The Device On Low Battery

It is very inconvenient when you are about to make an important shot and need the help of the device but the battery dies on you. Of, you install the GPS application on your phone but the same problem happen. In both cases, make sure the batteries are fully charged before you head out to the golf course.

Trust Your Self

Having a golf rangefinder does not mean all of your problems are solved. There are limits to the devices; for example, certain types do not read the green well. And there are possibilities when the batteries die on you, the device malfunctions or you drop it by accident on hard, rough ground. Also, while such devices are designed to provide accurate information, it cannot always work perfectly all the time.  In these cases, you can only trust yourself to make the right decision. After all, do not let the device make you lose your true focus: playing golf.

Maintain The Device Well

If you wish the device to perform well, you need to maintain it regularly. The process is quick and simple, so do not skip it. You only need a small soft brush and a soft dry cloth to clean the lens and the body of the device.  When not in use, keep the device in its case, away from direct sunlight and heat. It is also recommended to take out the batteries when the golf season is over.

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