When you playing golf, support equipment is essential for you to make a successful game. Athough you practice hard and tallented but suppoet equipments still are neccessary for this royal sport. There are a lot of equipment for golf, from basic to high technology devices such as golf clubs, clothes, mats, gloves, or golf GPS reviews. However you cannot forget about the most basic but important equipment when playing golf, it is the golfclubs. It is clearly that you cannot use just 1 golf club in the whole game, so you need to learn about many types of golfclubs. Below are some basic knowledge of golfclub for you. How it will helpful for you. Cheer!

  1. Introduction of golfclubs

There are many types of golf sticks in the market, each of them are designed for special play styles, for playing purposes or the topography of play ground. Most of them have 2 different design for male and female, but the female golf stick is not popular in the current market comopare to male, but still, it is a potential market for manifacturers. The female golf stick has lighter weight, shorter and soft shaft than the male one because they usually make the slower hits than male. So female need to be more careful when choosing the golf stick to find a clubs of suitable for them. There are 3 main types of golf stick, they are woods, irons and putter. Each of them is using for different cases.

  1. Main types of golf clubs

Woods: this type is usually has long handle, can hit the balls far and is popular for new player. Using for the first hit or far distance. The woods be named from 1 to 5, therein 1 is the driver with the most flat surface. However, in some recent years, the woods can be named til 9. The driver (or woods number 1)  is the best golf stick for you to get the farthest hit due to its flat surface but it is the most difficult stick to use in all the kind of golf stick because its length will make difficult for new player. So that new player should use the woods number 3 or 5.

Irons: The irons is use for shorter distance than the start hit such as on the par 3 or around green. Clubhead is made of steel or iron, and are numbered from 1 upwards. Irons number 3 is the longest club in the irons with the most flat surface. There are also special irons sticks called wedges. A standard golf stick bag usually has one sand wedge (SW), the angle created between the shaft and surface is from 54 to58 degrees, and a Pitching wedge (PW), with 45 to 50 degree. SW is commonly used to hit the ball out of the sand pit and PW is designed for light shots or around the green. Professional player usually use the gap wedge (GW) with the angle from 5- to 52 degree.

The surface of GW have average deflection when the Loft wedge have the largest angle, form 60 to 64 degre. You should use the SW and PW at the beggining, after that, when your skills are improved, you can add more other wedge to your bag. The hybrid is the modern design of golfclub, using instead of 3 to 4 typr of irons club in tranditional bag.

Putters: putters is the most common and used the most in golf. Just think, if a golfer perform two owl standing on each green, which meant he had to use the putter 36 times in each round. And I am sure that new player have to perform more than that number. There are many kinds of putters in the market than any other club. May be because the choice of a putter is a personal work, so there is no right or wrong putter, just find the suitable for you only. Usually there are three kinds of putter head and the length is divided into 3 group. Clubhead may be the traditional kind, looks like a blade, heel-toe type, or mallet. About the length, the normal length (standard), short to abdominal (belly), and ultra long as broomsticks (broomstick).

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