If you’re serious about golfing, you’ll want to make sure that you keep your golf clubs as organized as possible. After all, the way you arrange your bag tells what sort of a golfer you are. If you’re sloppy, then people will assume that you’re not serious about the sport, or that you’re no good at all. Remember, if you want to take pride in your skills as a golfer or improve as one, you’ll have to start with your golf bag first.

You’ll wonder, though, how exactly should one organize his or her golf bag?  Well, this guide below will help answer that simple and basic question.

Golf Club Bag

Your golf club bag is key to arranging your golf clubs. So, be sure to pick one out properly and choose one that has the right sections. But, even if you already have a bag, no need to worry. Almost every bag has enough sections to keep your golf club organized. And, regardless of the bag, the general setup of your clubs will remain the same and are as follows:

  • Putters – These belong at the top of the bag, the side that’s closest to the straps. If you’re lucky, your bag will have a sleeve at the top that’s meant only for putters. If not, place the putter at the uppermost section of your bag. The reason for doing this is because the putter is one of the most used golf clubs and you’ll always want easy access to it.


  • Driver & Woods – Near the sleeved section where you put your putter is usually a section where you’ll want to put your driver and woods. If your bag only doesn’t have an individual section dedicated for putters, you can put these three clubs together at the highest section of your bag. Be sure to them from longest to shortest, with your driver to the left and the woods to the right.


  • Long & Mid Irons – The section closest to your driver’s should be where you put your long and mid irons. Be sure to arrange them accordingly, with the longest irons on the left.


  • Short Irons and Wedges – It’s best to put the short irons and wedges at the lowest section of your golf bag. Arrange them as you did with your other clubs, with the longer clubs to clubs to the left.

If you followed these tips, I’m pretty sure you’re going to love looking at your golf club bag every time you play. Organized clubs are just so pretty to look at.