Outdoor sport with the best road bikes

Outdoor sport activity make you stay healthy and keep fit. Many interesting activities are always ready for you like jogging, trekking, hiking and especially biking. You can surf though the street road with a flat board which is so cool and styled sport. Beside that, biking is also supper awesome, if you have enduring health, you can go any where with a sport bike. Please do not wait, let choose the best road bikes under 1000 for your self and your family

Road bikes is more popular day by day, you can ride it to go around the park or conquer the high mountain. The road bikes listed below is for you to achieve nice trips

  • The best sub road bike :

-The technical detail of product:

+Weight : 11 kg

+Fork : made from carbon, rubber wheels

The special handlebar make the riders feel quite easy to control the speed, you can ride comfortably for both city streets, hard corners or even the mountain road. In many occasions, on the travel journey or the high ways, adventurous or not, the best sub road bike is always the good choice because it is flexible, safe and toughness

  • The Felt F85 :

The technical details of product:

+Weight : 9.4 kg ( supper light )

+Wheel : made from flexible rubber

+Folk : aluminum steer

The Felt F 85 is a racing sport bike, with very sporty appearance that look cool and fashionable. It has solid but easy to control frame, that bring the rider safe journey on any kinds of way. You can surf though the off roads with this road bike, but be careful and try to be safe as much as possible. The price is affordable. If you want to achieve an adventurous bike, or more than a bike for entertainment, you can surely purchase the Felt F85

  • The Sensa Special road bike :

-The technical details of product :

+Weight : 9.72 kg

+Wheels : rather large size, 700 x 23 wide

+Fork : dropouts, carbon blades

The Sensa Special road bike is a product of Dutch, which has solid frame just like the other sport road bike and really safe for every kinds of road. But the only disadvantaged factor of the bike is it not contain a rack mount or mudguard, although you can also equip the factors for your bike. In the other hand,you can increase the speed very quickly with this road bike. The Sensa Special road bike is a perfect choice for people who wan to race and love sports

  • The Merida road bike :

-The technical details of product :

+Weight : 9kg

+Fork : made from Carbon

+Wheels : special rubber, medium size

Merida is a famous brand of Taiwanese bike company. It has gentle model which is suitable for both men and women. The Merida road bike is the massive product of Taiwanese bike producing process since 1972. Many racers are satisfied with the Merida road bike. Flexible, cool, sporty is all the words to describe the Merida road bike

  • The Civia road bike :

-The technical details of product :

+Weight : 13 kg

+Wheels : stainless spokes, forged alloy wheel frame

The Civia road bike is not a sport bike, but it is perfect to ride around flat city street and relax, exercise slightly every morning. With heavy weight ( 13 kg ), the bike is so solid and safe when you ride it, but you can waste energy to speed-up. It is really a heavy giant guy, and be considered to welcome

  • The rose road bike :

-The technical details of product :

+Weight : 8.3 kg

+Wheel : supper enduring rubber wheel

+Frame : made from light aluminum

The rose road bike suffers like powerful wind on every road. With the strong frame belong, you can hike every tackle hills or high mountain. It is the product of Germany technique, with all perfect benefits : solid, enduring, light, strong and sporty model

Road biking is becoming popular in the world day by day. With a suitable sport bike, you can reach to every places and have wonder journeys


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