Softball playing rules

Nowadays, softball is no longer a strange sport to many people. It is getting popular in the world and becomes one of the most favorite sports globally. In this paper, we will share you the instruments of this interesting sport and some rules to playing it well.

  1. Instrument
  • Gloves

A softball glove is large leather glove that softball. Catcher own protective wear is allowed to catch. The other players catch the ball the gloves of teammates.

Softballs used in baseball. The ball following parts: rubber outside and leather upholstery. It has 9 to 9.25 inches in circumference and the diameter of 2.7 / 8 inch to 3 inches. The yarn or wire is used to wrap the ball.

  • Softball bats.

The best softball bats are made of wood or metal smooth the club used in the game to hit the ball after the ball is thrown by Pitcher.

  1. Rules of the game

The game takes place between the two teams, but during the game, it will take turns attacking and defending. One season takes place for months by many teams, called federations (leagues). Each team in the league against any other team under the league a fixed number of times, rather than rotating the match (round robin mechanism). Last season, the winner will be the championship most of the season.

The objective of the game is to score points, called tremor in the language of softball. The team with the most runs at the end many match wins. A tremor was recorded as a player, while attacking can go through every course (bases), forming a square shaped diamond.

Softball used white ball (although other colors are available) with red rims size with size 1 fist. Each team consists of 9 or 10 players.

There are 9 players to play defensively, trying to prevent the other team’s players scored. The visitors struck first game, so it will try to record tremors points. Run is recorded as follows: starting from home plate location, each offensive player tries to get the right to run (reverse clockwise), to the next base, and hit people on base at corner which, next to the base (in the order), and finally returned to home plate, when there is a point (tremor) is recorded.

Before you run the bases, defensive players who do role pitcher (pitcher,) will stand at the center of the diamond field in predetermined positions, call the mound (mound) or rubber- to refer just rectangles located in the center of the mound. Eight (or nine) players left standing in the field, who throw the ball simultaneously, occupying various positions.

Offensive player called a hit (batter) stand at home plate, holding a stick (long, hard, diameter of about 2 inches (5 centimeters), not including the handle, the handle diameter of about 1-inch long (2.5 centimeters), made of wood or aluminum depending on the version of the game. He hit balls waiting to throw a ball thrown ball toward home plate. At the appropriate time, the quarterback throws the ball, toward the reviews who will try to hit the ball to go use the stick. If the strike hit a ball, then immediately put the stick down, and began to run toward the course 1. There are other ways to be able to have the right to run the bases, as was walking when hit by thrown ball.

When the beat starts to run, he would be called a runner (runner). At this point, runners will try to run on the first course, as to be then called safe (safe), otherwise known as disqualified (out). When rejected, runners must leave the field (back row), where the bench and coach watching the game.

There are ways to sort defensive team can attack a player. But for simplicity, there are 5 simple ways:

  1. “Strike-out”: while still at home plate, players hit balls cannot earn the right to run to base. Strike-out occurs when the quarterback hinder successful effort strike the attacker.
  2. “Ground out”: when the strike hit the ground ball, but defensive players can get the ball, and throw another defensive player standing on first base before the runner run up to the diagrams.
  3. “Force out” occurs when the runner forced to run the bases (as defined) but not to kip before the ball reached the hands defensive player standing at the base. Type “ground out” is one type of type “force outs.”
  4. “Fly Out”: occurs when the strike hit a ball successfully into the air, but defensive players can take before it hit the ground, it will be rejected.
  5. “Tag out”: while still in the middle of two bases, the runner will be disqualified if the defensive player holds the ball, the runner touches people.

A baseball game is divided into weekly auction (innings,) where each team will take turns to attack and defense, and vice versa. A weekly auction ends when there are 6 times disqualified (outs) occurs, 3 times for each team. When the 3-type defensive team offensive players, the role each team will be swapped – freedom to switch to attack and vice versa. Depending on the type of ball used, each team can have up to 9 chances to score (runs).

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