Some experimences when choosing a bike.

If you are a person who like riding a bike arround some street, you can choose a bike for your own and after that you certainly have some relaxing time at weekend or when you have free time.

For those who love sport bikes have finished the speed enthusiast, cycling Hybrid – City bike (also called city bikes) is the number one choice. Here are the detailed instructions for those who are looking to buy a Hybrid bike. Best hybrid bikes may be give you some advices to choose a hybrid bike.

Here are a few simple questions will help you choose the best bike:

You use the bike to go to these places?

You emphasize quality or higher money problems? How often do you use the car to go on the street? You prefer a vehicle with high-tech accessories like a car or a simple design, easier to use? Budget your car is how much? (This is a useful question to help you narrow your choices). You choose the type of bike do?

The last question is one of the best ways to help you determine what type of vehicle is right for themselves. If you like sauntered leisurely Sunday evenings on the shores of some roads and some streets, or picnic with friends, or prefer to have a bike for exercise after a hard working day sitting at the computer , or simply want a bike light weight and easy to handle, then a Hybrid bike is the best choice.

Street bike also diversified, with much to choose from matching their preferences. Typically, Hybrid-City bike is divided is 3 main types Cruiser bike, Commuter bike and Hybrid (hybrid bike and MTB Road).

Type Cruiser (like mini bikes) often have lower design different kinds of city bike and classic steam girly, matching women or those who prefer to sit ride in a comfortable position with the legs not too far above the ground.

However, Commuter bike fit those who must constantly move in the city for work (like Catholic newspaper, the Mail Delivery). A Commuter bike is equipped with various accessories such as shelves utility, fenders, bell … so you can carry your belongings to the car when the streets.

If you plan to travel farther distances, climb hills or want high-intensity cycling exercise to keep in shape, you should choose a hybrid, a cross between Road Bike and Mountain Bike (MTB). A bike like that has advantages of lightweight, easy to handle, can overcome the rough road but still achieve the necessary speed. Some hybrid cars are designed to help users to participate in off-road.

Something notes to buy Hybrid gas bike


So, tires for all kinds hybrid bike above anything different? In fact, they are very different and totally look encodings often.

The heading Cruiser bikes often use standard tires with a diameter of 26 inches (599 mm), with the Mountain Bike This thick and wide tires, not the peace of mind that you can overcome the rough terrain, but also make the trip in the city comfortable and quieter.

Hybrid bike is often (but not always) used standard tires for Road Bike 700C. This tire slightly and no more ridges on either side, makes acceleration easier. Generally there are many types of tire 700C with groove widths and design different surfaces.


The chassis is the backbone of every bike. Like all other types of bikes, hybrid bike is designed with a variety of materials, mainly aluminum and steel is now carbon.

The aluminum frame has the advantages of light, strong, affordable, does not rust and is popular materials for almost any bicycle. Meanwhile, carbon steel frame lighter than aluminum, and certainly not least is capable rust like aluminum frames. A carbon chassis is always a dream of many people who love cycling, but not everyone can afford to own by price carbon bicycle frame often many times higher than aluminum car frame.

Brake Systems

Most types and Hybrid bike is equipped with brakes now pulled directly or disc brakes (mounted on both front and rear wheels. In general, the brake disc brakes better capable and effective than the brakes direct (two paneled pieces that rubber brake rim damage), especially in conditions of rain or muddy wheels. brakes directly with a simple design, but lower reliability, the premium is not too expensive dirty.



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