The instructions for using walkie talkie

The walkie talkie has been the device used for transmiting the signal 2 directions, which helps people to connect with each other without the mobile phone netwwrk. The way to use of walkie talkie has been easy, but not all every body can know how to use it properly. There are 2 basic kinds of device, including the kind with keyboard and the other one without keyboard. Today, in this post, we will only mention on the steps of using most basically and commonly of all kinds of walkie talkie. The steps of using basic have been known as switch on and off the device, choose the channel, adjust the volume, contact, speaking and hearing and how to charge. How to use the walkie talkie has usually depended on each type of brand and model of particular device. You should consult the walkie talkie reviews before you want to buy and use that device efficiently.

1.     Switch on and off the device:

Basically, when you want to use any device, you have to know how to turn the power on. The power button has usually been the rotating buttton on the head of the device, which has also been the button of adjusting the Volume (sound) up and down of the walkie talkie ( the position 3- on the right). Turn on and off the kenwood walkie talkie.

It is easy to understnad that the very first step to use is to turn on the power. That basic button has named and pointed as the twisting button on the top of the device and it also the one the operate the level of sound up or down. To the walkie talkie with the keyboard equiped with the power button combined with other buttons on the same one. The position 3-on the left hand) The button of adjusting volume is the numeber 4 button.

To some kinds of talkie walkie has the keyboard on the front body of devie, the switching n or off button can be combined with a button on the keyboard of deviec ( the positon 4 on the right). Some other notice when turning on and off the source of device: The charging battery has been installed into the device and placed properly as the principle.  The charging battery has been fully charged in accordance with the demand of using.

  1. Adjusting the channel to contact:
    Secondly, to contact with each other, we have to adjust the device back on the same channel, the steps of adjusting channels has been conducted by rotating the button (twist)  to change the channel on the top of the device, next to the power buttoon + Volume ( the ppssition 2 – on the right hand). To some kinds of hand-taking device,with the keyboard on  the front body of device, the step of adjusting the channel has been implemented by pressing 2 buttons (˄ ˅ or ↑ ↓) lying on the front of body. The walkie talkie has been set up the frequncy for using suitably (the channels has been equiped the frequncey). You have to choose the right channel to contact as the group assigned.
  1. The steps of contacting by the walkie talkie:

All kinds of hand-taken machine have been equiped with the button PTT (Push to talk), whwich has been a large button on the left of the device. When you want to talk to other devices, the users have to press and keep that button PTT before, while and during the conversation. After the calling, you can release that button to listen to  the corresponce information from the other devices.

4. Some notice for using the talkie walkie device

You are not allowes to contact by this device without anten. Besides, you also have to to limit the calling or conversation when charging or in low battery. All factors above can lead to the status of breaking down or reducing the quality of device

  1. Charging the battery of walkie talkie:

You have to charge fully to the new device or new battery. Should you use the old battery until it will have been out of energy.


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