Tricks For Purchasing The Best Golf Club

There is no doubt that how to choose the best golf clubs for beginners is a very important and difficult task for those who play Golf at the first time.

If choosing appropriate suitable with health, strength and body size, we really enjoy the great feeling of this sport. Moreover, get the right clubs may help to reduce the nuisance discomfort due to injury even during play or exercise.

General Trend

For novice players, any golf club do not have much influence on achievement and also they are unable to achieve the level of stability to be able to choose the right kind of clubs.

So, if you are a beginner, you should not invest too much money to buy clubs. But, for golfer with relatively long-played and stable with less than 36 HCP, the choice of an adaptive club can be an extremely cost effective investment.

In club selection, the individuals often choose according to Manufacturer’s name and price. That is not a bad choice due to the fact that the famous company may have much experience, optimal production conditions, with the modern machinery and the thorough research to produce various types of clubs, in line with each player.

Prices, too, the best golf clubs tend to have relatively high rates because of exquisite fabrication process and expensive, which will give birth to the higher-quality products.

However, it does not mean you miss out on tens of thousands of dollars to buy the set of Honma clubs that will help you improve performance if you ignore the important parameters of the length and stiffness of the shaft.

Select The Length Clubs

To pick up clubs in line with the standard length body size, you need to measure two parameters: The height of the golfer (Ah) and short-sleeved height (Bh) of Golfer (Measurement done while wearing shoes, it is best to have the regularly used shoes).

This height is measured by standing against the wall, (If having the help of another person, the distance will be more accurately measured). The height of short-sleeved is the distance from the middle short-sleeved of the hands and wrists in the release position hanging to the ground.

The clubs are usually the standard length S. Besides, there are also types of longer and shorter than standard. Standard clubs are used for the golfers in the parameter standard table height Ah and Bh (measured in cm). For people with larger or smaller Bh than the standard table, we will choose longer or shorter clubs in proportion 3/1. Note that the standard table can be searched in the website on Internet.

Select The Stiffness Of The Shaft

The shaft stiffness can be chosen by a lot of different ways, there are ways to use these instruments, which are very expensive and analyzed the Swing by experts to find out which clubs is the most reasonable. Here are these methods to guide us to find the right stiffness for your clubs.

Methods Based On Length Of Ball Road

With this method, you must try a lot to find out the distance you regular get. You can use the gym or virtual training ground (Simulator) as will easily see the gap.

For wooden clubs and Driver: If the Carry Distance when using the Driver typically reaches the lengths over 250m, then you would use the hardest kind of clubs, if less than 250m distance, you should select baisng on the standard table.

For iron clubs, then you have to take the swing alternately with iron club, if your swing often reaches the 150-155 Yard distance (137-142 m), you should use iron clubs with the “Regular Flex” shaft Flex.

Method “Must Hard – Soft Left”

Based on a very simple principle: If you hit it Slice, you should use the softer clubs than yours used, if being Hook, you should use harder clubs. Of course, this method is only true if we have the correct swing path and the Hook or Slice ball not because we misspell. Therefore, the only way is used for those hitting relatively stable.

An amateur golfer, Felicia Taylor, shares that when choosing the clubs, it does not need too much to purchase the expensive ones if you do not have the financial conditions. Just choose the clubs with the suitable shaft and fit your body size to ensure the comfort during playing as well as reach the peak performance.

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